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Sean O'Mordha   September 19, 2016   No Comments on List of Lists

When beginning to assemble a character, the “Character Development Worksheet” (previous post) is a great tool that covers all the bases and serves as a reminder what the individual has been saddled with as the plot progresses. Choosing some things like flaws and quirks can be fun, but which ones? In this regard help comes from other writers such as Bryn Donovan, a list fanatic. As she readily admits in the introduction of her book, Master Lists for Writers, “even as a little kid, I always loved making lists.” Hooray! That makes writing easier.
listsMASTER LISTS FOR WRITERS: Thesauruses, Plots, Character Traits, Names, and More; Oct 2015. Available free from Kindle eBooks Prime.
This book is loaded with things to help round out an actor’s characteristics such as facial expressions, gestures, body language, physical, and emotional descriptions. Of course, there is a list of traits. Then, there are other lists which lend to considering things like sounds and scents in the setting, elements of plotting, and dialogue.

If you are unable to download the book, some of these lists are available from her web page or via Pintrest. (NOTE: The original URLs were so ungodly long, they have been shortened thanks to (list of facial expressions) (list of physical descriptions) (words to describe voices) (list of gestures and body language)

Other writers have contributed their lists (again direct or on Pintrest). These are important in making a character real. (Quirks) (Another for Body language) (Emotions)

And then, there is a favorite— (Supersititions) How much fun can a writer have playing with some of these?

If you are not using Pintrest ( as a resource, please take a look and explore. It’s not unlike wandering through a thrift store chock full of interesting tidbits and useful things, and of course, junk.

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