Keeping it Consistent

In the previous posts, the discussion centered around building strong, memorable characters that will propel the plot. As each is taken in turn and molded, it is necessary to keep a record of who and what they are, and where they are headed. This author has borrowed ideas from a number of sources to create a notation system which is kept in front while writing, and checked often to be sure things stay on track. Any changes are duly recorded to maintain consistency.

Again, this is only a suggestion, and hope you will take the time to develop what works best for you.

This form began as a half page to detail the character’s physical makeup, but quickly expanded to include more and more information. In case you are wondering, not all characters are two-legged. Years ago, I wrote a story as told by an old-growth pine and how it came to hate man, and how it took revenge for the things man did to it. In a novel under construct, there are humans, a mule, and a coon dog. The latter two have significant actions and traits. Written over the span of a year with frequent interruptions and modifications, consistency would suffer if not for such notes.

This particular character appears late in the story and is undergoing a drastic change from what was originally planned. Many of the suggestions from the previous post are still being worked out and eventually added to these notes.`

P.S. While researching specific information about a character’s personality and traits, I often come across photos of individuals that offer a visual of what I have in mind, hence, the space for a mugshot..

nacho 3  Form p2

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