Herakleides: Prelude to War (2015)

Sean O'Mordha   May 3, 2016   Comments Off on Herakleides: Prelude to War (2015)

AdvisoryCharlie grows up abused by adoptive parents. Escaping to the wilderness of southern Colorado, he finds love, adventure, and his real father–the great Greek Hero, Herakles, who is now a god. That means Charlie is also a god with some awesome powers which may not be enough to keep from being destroyed by an unknown enemy trying to take over Olympus and the world.



AdvisoryCharlie Pendergast’s adoptive family moves to Silverton, Colorado when he is six. His stepmother is a drunk, his stepfather an abusive philanderer. His only friend is Marc Taylor, who isn’t liked in town because he’s Black. Charlie’s only Cooley's Brown Bull2escape from the abuse is the Taylor home or a wilderness on the other side of a pasture guarded by a huge bull with a bad reputation. Just after graduating from high school, home life really goes south and he determines to leave, going to his special place in the wilderness. It’s a place devoid of people until meeting and falling in love with Penelope who lives on top of a nearby mountain. Going to see her father about becoming married, Charlie is in for a really big surprise. Her father is the Greek god, Prometheus, and Charlie’s father is the great Greek hero, now a god, Herakles. In addition, the Oracle at Delphi has declared a chosen one is to bring bring peace to Olympia. That  may or may not be Charlie, but someone is making a serious attempt to end his existence while taking control of Olympus and earth.