For All Time and Eternity (2011)

Sean O'Mordha   May 3, 2016   Comments Off on For All Time and Eternity (2011)

Lucifer’s war against G-d is nearing conclusion. Discovering a secret, he sends his best lieutenant back to the time of Noah to prevent him from sailing the Ark and re-establishing a righteous lineage. G-d counters by sending a sixteen year old boy who has no idea what is going on.


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imagesLucifer’s war with Heaven is drawing to a close and in a desperation bid to secure victory, he sends his best lieutenant back into time. The objective is to stop Noah from sailing the Ark and thereby prevent any righteous souls from inhabiting the earth. Heavenly Father is aware this could happen and prepares his best warrior to block the move. The problem is that he will have to go to earth and assume a mortal body, and in the course will forget what he is to do. It is a necessary move because of the primary law of the universe – the right of agency. Manny Guzman is six and lives on the streets of a large, west coast California city to avoid an abusive father. However, he is not left to his own devices as special people come into his life to unknowingly prepare him for the most important battle to save Heaven and earth; a martial arts teacher, a Jewish delicatessen owner, a recluse drugging, and a prostitute. Lucifer is not sure Manny is the one chosen to thwart the plan. Whether dead, won over to the evil side, or in some way changed, Manny becomes Lucifer’s target and neatly sets him up for destruction.