Death by TOP SECRET (2010)

Sean O'Mordha   May 3, 2016   Comments Off on Death by TOP SECRET (2010)

On 11 June 1951, the US Government established the Nevada National Security Site located sixty-five miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. This 1,400 square mile area is pockmarked from the detonation of 1,021 nuclear tests. There is a reason for so many nuclear tests at this location, beyond the obvious attempt to develop and improve nuclear weapons. How better to protect Top Secrets until one escapes and begins killing people.



ikonos_Area 51bWhen something happens at the Top Secret US military site known as Area 51 northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, there is an immediate attempt at cover up. When people in the Las Vegas area start disappearing and turn up dead, Milt Stone and his team are asked to take charge of the investigation. What he uncovers shocks the President into giving Stone unprecedented authority over both the military and civilian authorities to clean up the long-brewing disaster.