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Sex and the Story

As authors, we deal with human beings and human behavior. One driving behavior is sex. If contemplating a scene or two, how do plan to handle it? Throughout history, writers have approached it from explicitly to setup and fade to black. It depended on the times and culture…. Read more »

The Edit

Writing a book involves a lot of work — a lot. Writing means starting with a vague idea and writing a synopsis to visualize what you want and where to go with the story. Next is making some kind of outline, a road map. That can be as… Read more »

Of Quirks and Challenges

As much as I try to walk on water, it doesn’t happen – unless it’s frozen and then I get cold feet. So, why should my characters be perfect? That opens a whole world of challenges to explore. Perhaps, I have a sadistic streak, but I like to… Read more »

Character Building

Creating and tracking fictional characters in your story made a bit simpler.

Breaking Out . . .

. . . of the Rut I will be up front. Writing this eFile is sporadic, not that I don’t have anything to say. Why be redundant? Everyone perceiving themselves experts in the writing field has said it. So, if something appears important, I will address it, otherwise,… Read more »

Starborn Personalities

Creating characters can be daunting. There are simply so many personality traits to juggle. Once having drafted a synopsis the time comes to hold auditions. Pick the wrong traits and the character could very well take over. Brevet General George Custer’s scout, Half Yellow Face of the Crow… Read more »

A Writer’s Notebook – part 2

As you begin constructing a new story, you will begin generating notes about the current story under construction. Call me old-fashion but these are handwritten or printed out and placed in a one-inch, 3-ring notebook for specific reasons. Digital copies should be made as a backup. The first… Read more »

A Writer’s Notebook – part 1

Generally, when writers talk notebook, they focus on the general things that are read, seen, or heard which could influence a current or future story. No way around it, that is one important notebook. There is a second which is equally important – the current story notebook containing… Read more »

Colorizing Characters

Whether animate or inanimate, characters carry the plot to its conclusion. How an author presents these characters is the reason for spending so much time discussing them. It is important to know not only what they are and their role but who they are and why they behave… Read more »

Copyright — Explained

From time to time the subject of copyright law comes up either as a direct question or within an online conversation. Yes, I have a degree in Constitutional Law. Yes, I served as a special prosecutor for the US Government. I know criminal law, not copyright law. I am familiar… Read more »

Physical Love

Helpful information when writing love scenes (in and out of the bedroom)

Staying in Love

This is the third post about love and lust. When writing about the relationship of individuals, showing some of these events will help your story ring true.

Rule Makers Rankle

One thing that rankles my muse are writers who think their way is the only way because they’ve sold a few books. The results are all these “6 Ways to do this,” or 8 Ways to do that.” Here is an example. “10 things you should watch out… Read more »