A Pirate’s Legacy 6: Return of the Brethren (2015)

Sean O'Mordha   May 3, 2016   Comments Off on A Pirate’s Legacy 6: Return of the Brethren (2015)

The Francois Evreux as the pirate,Dolphin, rejoins Hogshead Shaver to free the old pirate’s family kidnapped by Lord Chudleigh. To complicate matters, the Dolphin’s son sneaks aboard ship to prove he is no longer a child. Adventure, death, and secrets are aboard the Raven as they sail across the Caribbean as the Dolphin must find a way to free the hostages and keep his son alive.



Despite the unrelenting urge to return to the sea, Francois Evreux has retired from being the Dolphin, the pirate scourge of the Caribbean, and remain with his wife and growing family azrael2on El Hierro. Managing the plantation that supports a great many of the island population doesn’t nearly fulfill the urges for adventure until his cousin, Hogshead Shaver, unexpectedly appears seeking help to recover his wife and child who have been kidnapped by the son of an old enemy. Reluctantly setting out, his oldest son, Jean-Paul and best friend, Jeremiah, swim out to the departing ship to become members of the expedition. Re-united with his ship, the Raven, and many of the old crew, the Dolphin sets out to free Admiral Shaver’s family intent on keeping his son from harm on an unforgiving ocean and from the battle he can not avoid.