A Pirate’s Legacy 4: The Lions of El Bayadh

Sean O'Mordha   May 3, 2016   Comments Off on A Pirate’s Legacy 4: The Lions of El Bayadh

Hassan is an Arab boy adopted by an old pirate living on El Hierro, but when he dies, Hassan comes to live with Francois and his family; however, there is something mysterious about his early childhood and a reason he should never leave El Hierro. That is not an option when he is kidnapped and taken to an Arabian sheik to be killed. Francois, Col. Santana, and Hassan’s friend, Felipe rush to the rescue.



Hassan, an Arab boy living with an old pirate, is told to never leave the island of El Hierro. There is no explanation. When the old man dies, he comes to live with Francois’ family moving
downloadfrom a life of a destitute to wealth and comfort. All goes well until an Arab slavers appears to capture natives as slaves, but instead kidnaps Hassan and take him to an Arab sheik to be killed. The true reason why the sheik wants him dead becomes apparent as Francois, Col. Santana, and Hassan’s best friend, Felipe, race across an ocean of water and sand to rescue him. However, the elements seem to be against them. As the usurper sheik gloats over his victory, the long silent Lions of el Bayadh begin to roar.