A Pirate’s Legacy 3: CIC (Canary Island Commandos) (2012)

David loves Concepción as a sister. When she is kidnapped by the Italian mafia and held for ransom, he and her twin brother, Alejandro, become frustrated that no one is moving fast enough to find her, so they set off on their own rescue mission. Armed with secret information, getting into the stronghold is relatively easy. Getting out alive is a different matter.


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boatThe previous summer David Dolephene discovers his pirate ancestor’s treasure on El Hierro in the Canary Island. Returning to home in America, he is both rich, famous, and a target. On the surface, the problem is the paparazzi seeking compromising pictures of the famous teenager. When a tickle on the back of his neck warns of danger, he assumes it means the undetected presence of photographers. It helps to avoid them and a van that seems to follow him. Upon returning to El Hierro for another summer with Alejandro and Concepción, his adopted brother and sister, and co-finders of the treasure, the warning feelings become stronger. David is confused, still believing them to pertain to paparazzi until members of the Calabria Mafioso jump the three teens. They kidnap Concepción and take her to their stronghold in Italy where they demand a ransom. Despite uncovering detailed information about the gang and their location, David and Alejandro feel frustrated at the lack of action by the authorities. On impulsive, the boys boatdecide to undertake their own rescue mission. With some help from David’s ghostly ancestor, Francois Evreux (the pirate Dolphin) and a Spanish smuggler, the Canary Island Commandos invade Italy and penetrate the Mafioso hiding place. While they find their sister and two other hostages, getting out of the country alive is a different matter. Following a harrowing cross-country chase, they take refuge in an abandoned farm and prepare for their Mafia pursuers to attack. David realizes too late what they are doing is not a James Bond movie. As his ancestor reminds him, “Someone always dies tomorrow.”

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