A Pirate’s Legacy 1: For Glory, Truth, and Treasure (2010)

For Glory, Truth, and Treasure is book one of the A Pirate’s Legacy series that alternates between the adventures of David Dolephene who lives in the 21st Century and his many times Great Grandfather, Francois Evreux, an infamous pirate. David discovers his relationship to a notorious pirate of the early 1600’s, and inherits both his plantation, treasure book, and his ghost.




Fifteen-year-old David Dolephene is fascinated by pirates. Shy and withdrawn, he finds refuge in tales of adventure on the high seas. While helping his grandmother with the family Raven sunrisegenealogy, David discovers he is the last direct descendant of Francois Evreux, who was a landowner and one-time governor of El Hierro in the Canary Islands 400 years ago. Traveling to the island to claim an inheritance, his world is turned upside down. Evreux was a notorious pirate and finding his journal and treasure book sets he and friends Alejandro and Concepcion on the hunt; however, someone else wants the treasure and see an end to the Evreux family line.