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Anger — maybe Fear

Unless you are writing a Mary Poppins story, anger is very likely going appear in your story. As the intent is for the reader to connect with the character, knowing about anger will help better craft the emotion. What Is It? Anger is a natural response to perceived… Read more »

Helpful Punctuation

Over the years of trying to help aspiring writers, one of the first suggestions is for them to acquire a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style—the “Bible” for writing and publishing since 1906. (The_Chicago_Manual_of_Style). Those who do not use it will head-butt with real editors or agents…. Read more »

Worth of Dreams

I like to try something different each time a new story is begun. While using the YA genre as a base, the topics, locals, and message are far flung. Even a venture into a series was approached with a different twist. With that warning, the work underway should… Read more »

Keep Asking

Melanie Phillips of Storymind wrote “By necessity, authors are so focused on what they are putting into their stories that they often don’t think about what isn’t there. Yet, the early stages of story development only create a framework – a skeleton – and for a story to… Read more »

That Time Again

“I’m going to go to the gym 3X a week.” “I’m going to lose 30#.” “I’m going to …” make a bunch of self-improvement promises/plans and forget them by March. The New Year Resolution is the annual attempt at self-improvement that annually fall face first in the plate… Read more »