Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Prologue

Do I need a prologue? That is the question aspiring writers usually don’t even bother to ask, they just prologue. And what does the reader generally get—boring back-story. Not a very good way to start when facing such fierce competition. In ancient Greek plays the prologue was a big… Read more »

Enough Said Do a search on these for a start: writing, writing editing  If you are not signed up on this site, it would be a good move to further your technique. It’s free. Create your own board(s). They can be public for any and all to see, or private just… Read more »

The Writer’s Library

Anyone serious about writing wants to improve, and each succeeding story or novel should reflect that goal. In order to become better, writers look to other successful writers. The Internet is a treasure trove of golden information. It is also chock full of lead. As we are still… Read more »

Writer Gods

Writers of fiction are omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), and on occasion, impotent (writer’s blocked), all-in-all, akin to the most creative force in the cosmos with the ability to create whole universes of worlds and populated with all sorts of creatures. They can guide and nurture their creations… Read more »