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Where is Waldo

The game of Where Is Waldo can be very frustrating at times until finding the one guy among hundreds that stands out because he is quite distinctive. The most important element of a story is your character, whether animate or inanimate because it carries the plot from beginning… Read more »

Method Acting in Writing

Recently a niece who is also an author and artists posted this on FaceBook: “Writing this novel is an interesting adventure. I’m getting to know these characters as they grow and change. Today as I was writing a particular scene I felt like I was there like I was… Read more »

Tag – They’re It

Some will tell you to limit the number of characters thus avoiding readers becoming lost, but how does an author manage that when creating the crew of a ship representing many nationalities? I suppose a writer could focus on only a couple. Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and… Read more »


Previously, time has been spent discussing the importance of the beginning of the story, in particular the first paragraph, the first page, and the first 10% of the story. What has not been considered is THE END. During initial story development it is important for the protagonist and… Read more »