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The Most Important Parts

“The number of books being published in the U.S. has exploded. Bowker reports that over one million (1,052,803) books were published in the U.S. in 2009, which is more than triple the number of books published four years earlier (2005) in the U.S. (April 14, 2010 Bowker Report). More… Read more »

Who Are These People?

A lot of time is spent in this eFile addressing the issue of creating characters. Simply put, they carry the plot to its conclusion. What you create is important and deserves to have the right actors in the storyline. How much time and how much detail should a writer… Read more »

A Boy, His Mule and Dog

Announcing the release of Sean O’Mordha’s, “A Boy, His Mule and Dog.” Post-Civil War orphan, Sam Buford leaves home in Missouri to find his last brother who left to fight for the Confederacy in Texas. With the bare scratchings of education, little more than the clothes only his… Read more »

Enter Red Herring

This eFile is about one of the fun things an author can do with their writing and mess with the reader’s mind. It’s called a “red herring,” a popular seafood dish served up with fried potatoes, but also good with crackers and a some Irish cheddar. However, that’s… Read more »

Fight Scenes: Considerations

Many people have 2-cents about writing fight scenes. Some come with an experienced background, others–Who knows? My background is varied. First, combat training, second, police training, and third as a Kodokan Judo instructor (First degree Black Belt) with three state champions (2 boys and 1 girl). I taught… Read more »


I apologize for starting this eFile with a swear word, but . . . Tom Clancy quipped during a conference, “What’s a rewrite? I write them pretty much the way you guys read them and I turn in a fairly clean product.” Clancy feels he is the exception… Read more »