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Timelines and Storyboards

Keeping track of characters and events within a story (short to novel) so to be consistent is a no-brainer. With everyone promoting their personal preferences, the question is, “How?” The answer is easy. As imaginative and diverse writers are, use whatever system works for you. The important point is… Read more »

List of Lists

When beginning to assemble a character, the “Character Development Worksheet” (previous post) is a great tool that covers all the bases and serves as a reminder what the individual has been saddled with as the plot progresses. Choosing some things like flaws and quirks can be fun, but which ones? In… Read more »

Back to Work – repost

Note: Melanie Anne Phillips is the go-to source to learn/update writing skills with boots-on-the-ground experience. She is the Creator of Storyweaver, and Co-creator of Dramatica. Her website,  is a gold mine of information.  This reprint is one of her latest posts restating some points discussed in a recent post on this site (Character Development),… Read more »