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In your mind, and hopefully in your reader’s mind, your characters need to become real. That means they are not the most glamorous, intelligent, adept, perfect-in-every-way people with the capability to walk on water. Real people are a complex mix of strengths, weaknesses, talents, and flaws, things that have a… Read more »

Character Development

Everybody who is passionate about writing seems to make lists–Ten things to do/not to do, must do/must not do. These are things writers have found important/think are important/works for them. They can be great reminders about how to build a story. And then, there are the forms–endless forms… Read more »

Clothes and the Character

“Clothes are often overlooked in life and literature and considered frivolous, but they shape character, draw out concepts and connect you to your culture and landscape. As signals for who we are, where we are and what we are, clothes are invaluably transformative and revealing.” (“The Wardrobe,” an… Read more »

Characters and Culture

Whether an experienced writer or novice, one thing often overlooked is the culture of the protagonist, those he associates with, and the setting they move within. For instance, while reviewing a list of “bad” habits, one item was “not looking at the person they are talking to.” That… Read more »

Too Early for NaNo?

Isn’t August a little early to start talking about the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or affectionately, NaNo)? There are three whole months before the event begins November 1. Actually, no, not if you are serious about writing 50,000 + words. In fact, you may be a little… Read more »