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Basics for Beginning Writers – and the Rest of Us

In another life, I had the opportunity to conduct driver safety seminars for a Federal agency. Attendees ranged from twenty-year-olds who had received high school drivers ed, and had been driving for maybe five years, to persons who had been driving since the invention of the rubber tire…. Read more »

Know Your Genre – Pt. 2

Part one of this post listted writing genres A-R. This post concludes with genres S-W. Knowing this information is necessary to target readers, but it also gives ideas about what can be included in a story. Combining several genre expands ideas to make the story unique. The following… Read more »

Know Your Genre – Pt. I

This post contains important information for any writer. When you self-publish, the distributor you choose will ask several questions about the story’s genre which classifies it for marketing. This list will help you decide where it belongs. In addition, each genre contains elements which could be helpful to developing a story…. Read more »

I Want to be a Writer

“How can I become a writer? That question is not usually vocalized by the person who has the fire of story telling in their breast. Through the first twelve years of school they have learned words, parts of a sentence and paragraph, and how to put them together. They have… Read more »

First Chapter Edit – Free

Free Edit of Your First Chapter To help aspiring and published authors, we will take a look at your first chapter and provide edit suggestions.  To take advantage of this offer send an eMail request to: In the subject field put, “Chapter Edit Request.” In the body… Read more »

Book Reviews

A Free Service. We have several, people who would read your novel or short story, and then post a review on site(s) you designate. No negative posts will be made. If there is something a reader does not like, your work is forwarded to another reader for a second opinion…. Read more »

Professional Editing – University Papers / Thesis / Dissertations

Jayne F. Moore, Ph.D., retired Professor and former Director of Nursing at Colleges in Nevada, Utah, and California has 35+ years experience helping graduate students prepare Dissertations and Thesis. She may be contacted through:  

Welcome to O’Mordah’s World

Discussions that could help writers improve their writing skills from the 55 year veteran journalist, writer, and novelist Sean Patrick O’Mordha.

A Pirate’s Legacy 1: For Glory, Truth, and Treasure (2010)

For Glory, Truth, and Treasure is book one of the A Pirate’s Legacy series that alternates between the adventures of David Dolephene who lives in the 21st Century and his many times Great Grandfather, Francois Evreux, an infamous pirate. David discovers his relationship to a notorious pirate of the early… Read more »

Incident at Beaver Creek (2010)

Jake Bershinsky’s mother moves to an isolated Forest Service station where he befriends Henry Riley, a local Indian boy, eventually becoming like brothers. When his mother is called away for weeks at a time on fire suppression duties, he stays with Henry’s family, becoming a member of the tribe. It… Read more »

A Pirate’s Legacy 6: Return of the Brethren (2015)

The Francois Evreux as the pirate,Dolphin, rejoins Hogshead Shaver to free the old pirate’s family kidnapped by Lord Chudleigh. To complicate matters, the Dolphin’s son sneaks aboard ship to prove he is no longer a child. Adventure, death, and secrets are aboard the Raven as they sail across the… Read more »

Herakleides: Prelude to War (2015)

Charlie grows up abused by adoptive parents. Escaping to the wilderness of southern Colorado, he finds love, adventure, and his real father–the great Greek Hero, Herakles, who is now a god. That means Charlie is also a god with some awesome powers which may not be enough to keep from being… Read more »

A Pirate’s Legacy 5: The Bones (2013)

David Dolphene has adopted his real family name, Evreux, and become a Ph.D. Archaeologist. Reunited with Concepción and Alejandro they seek to recover a Spanish treasure ship sunk off the coast of Cuba during one of his pirate ancestor’s attacks. It is not something the Cuban government or… Read more »

Tales for a Sleepless Night (2013)

Sean O’Mordha has been writing short fiction for over fifty years. Here is a selection of seventeen short stories from his archives to give you reason to cry, shout, laugh, shiver, and look under the bed and in the closet . . . with a light on. A Boy… Read more »

A Pirate’s Legacy 4: The Lions of El Bayadh

Hassan is an Arab boy adopted by an old pirate living on El Hierro, but when he dies, Hassan comes to live with Francois and his family; however, there is something mysterious about his early childhood and a reason he should never leave El Hierro. That is not an… Read more »