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The Innkeeper

Azriel greeted the Hebrew month of Aviv with open arms. This was the beginning of a new year and the month of redemption, a redemption he wasn’t expecting.

Character Building

Creating and tracking fictional characters in your story made a bit simpler.

Count Words not Beans

Once an author’s idea for a story begins to gel, there are two considerations to tackle, 1) the genre and 2) the word count. Word length in General: Classification Word count Novel 40,000 words or over Novella 17,500 to 40,000 words Novelette 7,500 to 17,500 words Short story… Read more »

December 26

Arif pulled up the too-large T-shirt to cover his nose as the putrid stench of dead bodies rose up from below.

Harland’s Cove

Mother, three children murdered in Harland’s Cove By Betty Francis, NMDR Staff Reporter October 11, 2001, 1:37 pm HARLAND’S COVE, Maine ― Members of Harland’s Cove founding family were found murdered in their home Wednesday morning according to an Independent County Sheriff spokeswoman. The small coastal community on… Read more »

Breaking Out . . .

. . . of the Rut I will be up front. Writing this eFile is sporadic, not that I don’t have anything to say. Why be redundant? Everyone perceiving themselves experts in the writing field has said it. So, if something appears important, I will address it, otherwise,… Read more »

The Lava Beds

“Cap, just got a call from Halin Pearson. Seems his boy, Grady, didn’t come home last night.”

“Humph. Probably overslept. I’d love catchin’ that prick bangin’ an underage girl.”
“His parents have called all his known girlfriends.”

“Well, that pretty well covers the town. Handle it. Jist keep the Pearsons outta my hair. And take that college geek intern with you. He’s gettin’ on my nerves.”

Are there any . . . out there?

There are numerous forms of punctuation, all useful when applied properly – often hilarious when they are not. One which seems ignored is the ellipsis. This series of (dots, periods, points – choose your favorite term) is . . . to indicate an omission, suspension, or to emphasis… Read more »

An Author’s Power Tool

[Please Note: WordPress made a change recently to its editor. The Beta edition worked reasonably well. As you notice, it does not recognize paragraph separation. Their customer service has not responded. If and when they do, this post will be cleaned up and resent.] In a recent epiphany… Read more »

Starborn Personalities

Creating characters can be daunting. There are simply so many personality traits to juggle. Once having drafted a synopsis the time comes to hold auditions. Pick the wrong traits and the character could very well take over. Brevet General George Custer’s scout, Half Yellow Face of the Crow… Read more »

The Innkeeper

Background ~ ~ ~ One element of the story surrounding the birth of Jesus the Christ impressed on my youthful mind involved the behavior of the innkeeper in Bethlehem. Joseph of Nazareth and his very pregnant wife arrive having completed an arduous, ninety-mile trip which would have taken… Read more »

A Writer’s Notebook – part 2

As you begin constructing a new story, you will begin generating notes about the current story under construction. Call me old-fashion but these are handwritten or printed out and placed in a one-inch, 3-ring notebook for specific reasons. Digital copies should be made as a backup. The first… Read more »